Construction Diary is one of the most important documents.

Construction Diary as a Cloud solution can be used from anywhere.
Why Construction Diary?

Construction diary is used to save day-to-day site activities. Construction diary can then be used as a contemporaneous record of events and is a written description of what happened at the time. Construction diaries also need to be kept for use post project for claims/disputes.

What makes a good construction diary?

The most important thing is that construction diary is used and the information is saved regularly. Unfortunately, and too often, the diary is filled afterwards and some of the information is forgotten.

Best option is a Cloud based construction diary that you can access anytime from anywhere, and that never gets lost. Could solution is also easy to share with your project members. Also members can read it without coming to the site.

A picture is worth a thousand words

Taking pictures and adding those to the construction diary is also important, as those clearly show what has been done. Could solution is better also on this as pictures are automatically added to the PDF files when the diary is downloaded.

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